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Blend methods together
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What is Kado?

It's a place where we blend methods - like Machine Learning, Optimization, Simulation, Knowledge Representation - to solve complex problems. We show you how.

We teach. We'll consult in the future (only if you want us to). Should we see a need, we'll create a product around this.
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Why Kado


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By honing in on ML, your vision becomes narrow

We show you how to look broad and help bring balance. 

By ignoring problem definition, you miss out on application

We help take blinders off and better interact with stakeholders.

By blending methods together, you expand your repertoire

We guide you on Solution Architecture in an experimental setting

By mastering the experimental mindset, you better prep for AI

We mitigate your chances of getting blindsided


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Jagannath Rajagopal

I teach Design Thinking & Architecture for a whole universe of methods of which Machine Learning is but a part. Between high level use case content and hands-on coding, there exists a knowledge gap today. At Kado, my team of overachievers, and I have melted our brains and put down everything we know about Hero Methods towards a knowledge offering that is different from the usual run-of-the-mill Machine Learning course. Our goal is to bridge this gap.

I've wrestled Tensorflow to the ground, learned Python from scratch in the process, crashed and burned in 2 start-ups, launched a successful YouTube channel, failed at selling Scuba gear, taught R to many, and succeeded several times in implementing large scale Supply Chain Planning systems for big companies.
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